Virus and Malware Guide

What are computer viruses? Viruses are malicious computer programs designed to spread themselves from computer to computer, with the potential to cause damage, and harmful or unexpected outcomes. What is malware? Malware is a contraction of “malicious software”.  Broadly speaking, malware can be any kind of malicious code including adware, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, worms and Read more about Virus and Malware Guide[…]

FAQ: Acceler8ed Broadband

What is Acceler8ed Wireless? Acceler8ed Wireless was the previous name of Acceler8ed Broadband. Same great broadband, delivered wirelessly to you. Ok, so what is Acceler8ed Broadband? Acceler8ed Broadband is a wireless internet solution exclusive to DCSI. Acceler8ed Broadband is the latest evolution in Fixed Wireless technology, delivering unparalleled speed and reliability. Drawing on more than a decade of experience Read more about FAQ: Acceler8ed Broadband[…]

Update! New Portal Features including Port Blocking Options.

The DCSI customer portal has been updated and includes new features for the use and maintenance of your DCSI broadband service including advanced features. Router Configuration – the settings you need to configure your router. Although we despatch routers fully programmed, you may need these details if you have a BYO router, or if your Read more about Update! New Portal Features including Port Blocking Options.[…]

Why Spectrum Crunch Is Affecting Your WiFi

Spectrum crunch refers to the potential lack of sufficient wireless frequency spectrum needed to support a growing number of consumer devices With the ubiquity of WiFi devices in the modern world, spectrum crunch is becoming more widespread, and this could be affecting your internet connection. The 2.4GHz spectrum is intensively used for not only wireless devices, but other devices such Read more about Why Spectrum Crunch Is Affecting Your WiFi[…]

Video Tutorial: How to submit a support ticket

If you have any reason to communicate with us, can you do so by submitting a support ticket. Support tickets can be useful for billing enquiries, questions about products and services, requesting assistance or reporting a fault. If you are already a DCSI customer, you can submit a support ticket via our customer portal.

What Is DDoS? How And Why DCSI Protect Your Service

What is DDoS? Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can take many forms, but most prevalently it is simply a large flood of data directed toward an IP address on the internet, with the intention of exceeding its connection capacity to effectively knock it offline for a period of time – or, to put it another way, Read more about What Is DDoS? How And Why DCSI Protect Your Service[…]